2x4 Stud Soap

2x4 Stud Soap

  • Gentle cleanser
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Relaxing & soothing
  • Stimulates libido
  • Improves muscle aches
  • Balances the production of natural oils
  • Anti-inflammatory


The perfect bar for the type thats looking for something strong & masculine with less floral.

  • Care Instructions

    -If at anytime you experience any discomfort, irritation, or tightness stop using the product immediately.

    --Store at room temperature in a dry area.

  • Ingredients

    Goats Milk, Organic Coconut Oil, Melaluca, Juniperus Virginiana(Cedarwood), Picea Mariana(Black Spruce), Thuja Pilcata(Arborvitae), Salvia Sclarea Oil(Clary Sage).