Palo Santo Intention

Palo Santo Intention


Emits negative ions that can help to uplift our mood, and purify people, places, and even objects from negative energy.


Palo Santo is known as the most powerful, sacred plant. Like washing your hands before you eat, smudging our Palo Santo is the act of cleansing your aura.


Use this Palo Santo as your daily mantra. And focus on the word that is given to you.

  • Care Instructions

    -If at anytime you experience any discomfort or irritation stop using the product immediately.


    Lightly burn the tips then blow the flame out. Allow the smoke thats released to cleanse your space!

  • Ingredients

    Organic Palo Santo(Holy Wood, or "Wood of the saint").

    Grows in South America, and belongs to the citrus family.